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Elite Creative Solutions has navigated the imaging industry via a different path than most manufacturers. Many ECO Elite competitors have approached the market with a typical strategy: from mass-market, Hewlett Packard item proliferation, occasionally extending into the niche areas as needed. However, the first ECO Elite product SKUs manufactured were not part of the HP/Canon based engines like other industry peers. Instead, we began manufacturing in the niche market of Lexmark product.

The retail chain market uses primarily Lexmark printers for their printing applications. Historically, ELT supplied this market with shelf-edge marketing supplies, therefore Lexmark became the early primary focus for consumables. As a spin-off company of ELT, ECS specialized in Lexmark product, and today the ECO Elite brand is one of the largest Lexmark compatible suppliers in the entire industry.

Of course, successfully making Lexmark the primary product was not easy. The cartridges are more difficult to recover and remanufacture. There are more substantial OEM obstacles to overcome. Killer chips and carefully “planned obsolescence” can threaten the ability to supply quality product. This experience formed our outlook and approach to quality manufacturing. Our ECO Elite success within that Lexmark focus has demonstrated our ingenuity, our creative solutions, and our will to compete.

Over time the progressive growth and success eventually expanded the ECO Elite brand into the mass-market items such as HP. The ECO Elite manufacturing group, now ECS, LLC, proved its expertise on the difficult Lexmark product and then moved into the easier HP with confidence. Today, the ECO Elite brand now contains an extensive line of quality laser products, rivaling any manufacturer in the industry.

We arrived via a different path, our experience proves that. We challenge you to discover the difference of ECO Elite product. Our experience is your advantage!   about us      products      warranty      partners      buy eco      contacts  
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