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All ECS manufactured cartridges are 100% print tested in production to verify the highest print quality. However, production line testing only determines print quality level at that particular point in the cartridge life. More extensive testing is needed to guarantee the highest quality performance of the cartridge, components, and manufacturing procedures. Therefore, in addition to the procedural testing in manufacturing, each ECS cartridge product line undergoes monthly life-test audits. In all aspects, ECS is a fully participating member of the STMC.

Cartridge life-testing allows Manufacturing to verify quality and/or fix any defects that may materialize. For ECS however, internal testing is not sufficient. A non-biased third-party must also audit and verify ECO Elite product quality. Thus, these necessary life-tests are performed by two groups: both third-party external resources and ECS internal resources.

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) performs AIO cartridge tests on designated ECO Elite cartridges monthly, from which we receive a 7-page report summary of cartridge performance. Similarly, ECS also internally performs monthly life-test audits to ensure quality life performance, following the same ASTM 1856 guidelines established by STMC.

RIT testing is an expensive investment. Many avoid this expense. But it is money well spent for confidence and peace of mind. It is a crucial part of a valid check and balance system. With this extensive life-test auditing of manufactured inventory, ECS feels confident to guarantee its product is of the highest quality.


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