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ECO Elite brand compatibles are manufactured in Reynosa, Mexico by Elite Creative Solutions, LLC. Reynosa is a bustling, commerce-driven city just across the border from McAllen, Texas. Located in the Parque Industrial Reynosa Norte on the border of Mexico, the ECO Elite operation taps an abundant workforce of skilled and proud technicians. ECS shares this industrial park with some well-known neighbors, including Panasonic, Johnson Controls, Cornelius, TI Group, Kimbal, LG, and Delphi-Delco, to name a few.

Positioning the ECO Elite manufacturing facility in Mexico was a strategic move to secure the product in a very competitive market. In this global arena, the product line is poised for continual growth and expansion, enjoying excess square footage capacity and a plentiful labor pool from which to selectively choose.

ECS is a STMC certified manufacturing company. The production facility employs impressive testing methodology to ensure that the ECO Elite product built is of utmost quality and consistency. (For more information on ECO Elite quality standards click here.)

The mission of the plant is to assemble the best imaging supplies in the entire industry, rivaling OEM business in both perception and quality. Our formula is simple. A first-class facility, using the highest quality components, an elite engineering group, a well-trained workforce, and dedicated management team will deliver a high quality, consistent product at competitive prices. It takes each of these parts to successfully achieve the goal, and the ECO Elite manufacturing group is dedicated to each and every part.

All products manufactured in the Reynosa plant are imported to our distribution center in Denton, Texas, for warehousing and distribution.

Manufacturing Capabilities:
15,000 sq ft Manufacturing Facility
High Capacity Workforce and Equipment
STMC Certified
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